Optimization Software Downloads

Library Type Mac OS Linux Windows (64-bit)
Fortran gfortran 10.3
gfortran 7.5 ifort 18.0.5
gfortran/gcc 10.2 (msys2/mingw)
Matlab R2021b/ifort R2021b/gfortran 7.5 R2021b/ifort 18.0.5
Software Version Last Updated
SNOPT/SQOPT 7.7.7 October 27, 2021 (Linux/macOS/Windows)

Please fill out the form to download a trial version of SNOPT. We will send an email to you within a few hours of submission with the download link once you have been approved. Please check your spam/junk folder if you don't receive an email after 3 days.

Problems or questions? Please email us at optimizers@ccom.ucsd.edu.

(Request SQOPT if you are interested in solving QPs only.)